COLOUR FANATIC has 21 Essential Benefits:


  • Hair Color Protection

  • Leave In Conditioner

  • Hair Detangler Spray

  • Blow Dry Spray for Quick Drying

  • Moisturizer for Dry Hair

  • Low Porosity Hair Care

  • Weightless Conditioner

  • Hair Cutting Lotion

Product of the Month

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  • Split End Treatment & Prevention

  • Hair Breakage Treatment from Daily Brushing & Combing

  • Hair Fiber Product

  • Repair and Protect Heat Damaged Hair

  • Shields Hair Against Environmental Damage


  • Hair Smoothing Treatment

  • Silky Hair Treatment

  • Seals Hair Cuticle

  • Hair Moisturizer Spray for Reduced Dryness

  • Anti Frizz Hair Spray

  • Reduces Hair Static

  • Hair Refresher Spray for Restyling

  • Hair Shine Treatment

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